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Here are a few of the things you will find on my boat every time I'm on the water. Clicking on the logos below will take your to their websites if you want to learn more.


Indestructible soft plastic lures with realistic action makes these hard to beat. Lots of sizes and colors so you can match what the fish are eating in any scenario. Its the only artificial I use. 

Artificial Lures

Z Man Products


Super sharp Mustad hooks with large prongs to keep your Zman plastics from being pulled off the hook. Tons of sizes and styles so that you can ensure your artificial has the proper action. This is the best jig head on the market, hands down.

Jig Heads

Eye Strike Fishing


Their spinning rods are light weight with great sensitivity making them my choice when throwing artificials. The Legend Elite 8wt and 9wt fly rods have been a great match for many charter clients.  

Spinning and Fly rods

St. Croix Rods 


These spinning reels are lightweight, strong and built to last. This makes them the perfect reels for not only light action lure fishing but bait fishing as well. They can do it all. 

Fishing Reels


Betts logo.jpg

Betts makes some of the best cast nets on the market. I use several different sizes to cover many needs. From the Old Salts to the Super Pro, these nets are all you need for catching bait.  

Cast Nets

Betts Nets


These fly reels have proven to be one of the best in their category. I have used them for years on Seatrout and Redfish with no issues with construction or performance.

Fly Reels



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